Our approach to safety

We recognize that every time you open your Lobon app, you're putting your trust in our technology—to not only connect you with a driver, but to also give you resources in case of emergency. That trust is what drives us to continuously raise the bar, building new safety features, setting guidelines for respectful and positive experiences, and more.

Whether you’re a rider, a driver, or anyone who uses Lobon, your safety drives us.

All drivers backgrounds are properly checked before they are onboarded on Lobon Platform

Before Anyone can can drive on Lobon Platform, They must first undergo a multi-step safety screening that includes driving and impairing violations, as well as criminal record check, and in addition to these, driver are rescreened every year

There is always emergency help if you requires it.

In any type of emergency cases, speed and accuracy are critical. in case like this, drivers are advised to call 911 from the Lobon app, and the app will displays your live location and trip details, so you can share them with the emergency dispatcher

There is also auto insurance to help to protect you 

Our Insurance protects riders and drivers on the Lobon app. Lobon maintains commercial auto insurance on behalf of drivers and delivery people in case of a covered accident. 
Note: not all accidents are covered

Your Personal Information submitted to us remains private.

We use high technology setting to help keep your phone number private, so neither do drivers nor riders will see each other’s numbers when communicating through the Lobon app. Once a trip is completed, the app also protects rider information by concealing specific pickup and drop-off addresses in a driver’s trip history.