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Our approach to safety
We recognize that every time you open your Lobon app, you're putting your trust in our technology—to not only connect you with a driver, but to also give you resources in case of emergency. That trust is what drives us to continuously raise the bar, building new safety features, setting guidelines for respectful and positive experiences, and more.

Whether you’re a rider, a driver, or anyone who uses Lobon, your safety drives us.

Our Door-to-Door Safety Standard
Powered by Lobon’s innovative technology, encouraging shared responsibility, and including guidance from health experts, these new measures are designed to help protect the health and safety of everyone who uses our platform.

We are all in this together
All riders and drivers must wear a face cover or mask when using Lobon.

Face Cover Check
We ask drivers to take a photo of themselves before they can begin driving, and our technology helps verify that they are wearing a face cover.

All drivers are background checked before their first trip
Before anyone can drive with Lobon, they must undergo a multi-step safety screening that includes driving and impaired driving violations, and a criminal record check. In addition, drivers are rescreened every year.

How does driver screening works?

There’s emergency help if you need it
In an emergency, speed and accuracy are critical. If you call 911 from the Lobon app, the app displays your live location and trip details, so you can share them with the emergency dispatcher.

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You have our support, whenever you need it
Lobon support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is handled by a team of trained safety agents. If you’re in immediate danger, you should always contact authorities first.

How to reach us

Your personal details stay private
We use technology to help keep your phone number private, so neither drivers nor riders will see each other’s numbers when communicating through the Lobon app. Once a trip is completed, the app also protects rider information by concealing specific pickup and dropoff addresses in a driver’s trip history.